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Small info About Myself

first of all, my name's "Mohammad Mahdi Afshar", 18 from Karaj, Alborz, IR.IRAN

I've got about three years of experience working as a Backend Developer and I just started to work on FrontEnd Development.

More than any Operating System, I like to use GNU/Linux, and in Linux distros, I'd rather use Ubuntu.

I'm experienced in Laravel and Vue.JS to design your websites, and TelegramAPIs to develop imposing telegram bots.

I use Docker & Gitlab for DevOps and I'm experienced in the server configuration ( without Docker or such ), and also I configure Nginx for any use.

I know a bit Lua, Javascript, Python and Ruby, i'm experienced in Git, and i hate WordPress.

I'm experienced in Redis & MySQL.

I work as SysAdmin in for about 2 years.

I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, League Of Legends, And Stronghold. Here is my Steam Account: Jack The Ripper

I developed so iranian users can easily use Gitlab services and php-telegram-bot to create TelegramBots much easier.

Need a Touch ?

Thoughtfully, I don't Check my e-mails daily, but you can either send me an email or message me on Telegram.

my email address is [email protected].

also, you can find me on Telegram at @TheyCallMeMamaD

in case of urgency, let me know who you are by sending me an SMS including your information, then call me on +98 935 931 0395