Reloadlife | Mohammad mahdi Afshar
My name is Mohammad Mahdi Afshar. AKA Reloadlife
Hers's a simple description about myself:

about me:
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I bought my first PC!

It was my 5th birthday when i got my first PC as a birthday gift.


I got interested in computers.

I was 7 when i realised computers ain't toys !

Then i started to butt around in my computer ( and of course i did broke it for sevral times ! )

2012 - 2013

I got interested in GNU/linux.

I was 11 ( or 12 ) when i found out Windows isn't the only OS possible!

so i used VMWare and virtually installed my first ever linux OS ( it was Ubuntu ).

after a while, i wanted to switch to Ubuntu so i made a bootable USB and started to install ubuntu (I wanted to install it as a second OS) and accidentally i wiped out my hard-disk causing me loosing all my Games, photos, and ... ( :( ).


I started Python.

I started learning python and also give it up in a month ( to start PHP and Lua ) !


I started Lua.

In that time, it was so ubiquitous that everybody was creating TelegramBots using lua ( based on some other open-source TelegramBots ) so I made my first TelegramBot ( F80 SourceCode - SourceCode (another version) ) in 2015 with a friend ( @arisharr )


I started PHP.

Learning php was so fun, at first i used php to develop a TelegramBot Creator for those who are not a programmer !

it was AntiSpamCR which you could create an antispam telegram bot and manage your groups with that ( which was shutdown at Agu 2018 )

2016 - 2018

I got my first Job.

in 2016 i also started to work at Unixweb as technical support !

2018 - now

I launched Azardata!

I started Azardata to improve iranian hosting and now we're one of the reliable hosting in iran !

2019 - now

The LabGit Project

in 2019 iran's sanctions rose, and Github banned iranian people, meanwhile GitLab was running on GoogleCloud which iranian developers didnt have access to use it, i launched the started to think, there should be a way to use gitlab, so i started the LabGit which is just a reverse proxy on GitLab !

right now

and now?

Im working as hard as i can to improve my self :)

my hobbies:

I play CS:GO, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Life is Strange, GTA ( V mostly ), Stronghold, and ... you can see me on Steam

as another hobby, i watch a lot of movies and series i am a besotted StarWars fan !

AND i can not leave without my Spotify ! you can see me on Spotify

say a hello (maybe ?)

935 931 0395 be sure tu introduce yourself in an SMS before calling me !

[email protected] just mail me and wait for the answer ! :)

@TheyCallMeMamaD just message me and wait for a response ! :)